Most Expensive Neighbourhoods to Live in Mississauga

Most Expensive Areas to Live in Mississauga

You’re moving to Mississauga and you’re wondering where are all those exclusive spots? I’m going to talk about the three most expensive areas in Mississauga and really, what does it have to offer? Is there a lifestyle? Is it accessible is why are people moving there and really, if your pocketbook can afford it, are those the areas where you want to settle in so without further ado, let’s, get started, jump right in and figure out.

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I’ve got your back when you’re moving into the greater Toronto area. The first area is Lorne Park, so really what makes Lorne park so exclusive.

Well, in this area, what you’re going to find is: it has large, very large and spacious lots, large and sort of full grown trees. It’s, a very quiet neighborhood there’s, a real nice vibe to it. You’re, going to find a lot of custom builds here.

You know homes that are mega mansions, as i mentioned, but large from the lot size to the square footage. You know four or five bedrooms, some of them. You know they have built-in nanny suites, it is quite an exclusive area and really what makes one of the highlights for this area is? You can drive or walk to the three waterfront villages that are nearby Clarkson, Lakeview and Port Credit, so people that live in this area use these facilities and go to these areas and again because of its proximity.

It makes it really easy for people to go and enjoy the other waterfront areas. This area, doesn’t, really have a lot of parks. But if you look at the aerial view of all of the homes, especially off spring hill drive, who needs a park when you have that as your backyard lots of green space, because the larger the lots are so large, what you find is that the trees have Filled in and you basically live in your own little oasis, at least that’s.

What i think so there is definitely a really nice vibe here it’s very much community based, like everybody, really feels like they’re part of this community of lauren park. There’s, lauren park estates, which you know have multi-million dollar custom-built homes which are gorgeous and really if this is an area that you were considering moving it’s, a nice spot to check out if it’s, not The lauren park estates area just even around long park.

There are lots of options in terms of finding a home that meets your lifestyle and your pocketbook and this area actually also is very commuter friendly. So if you’re working toronto, you’ve got you know the go stations close by that you can access there’s, a port credit go station or clarkson, and it also you have access to the qew and highway 403, so again you know, if you’re driving, you still have access to highways and it’s, actually really really close.

So you’re, not going to um. You know find that as a difficult thing to adjust to, because you’ve got accessibility and there’s. A lot of people here using their vehicles to get around but again being in a community like this means that you have not only all of the other neighboring as they call them villages.

But you also have the highway accessibility, which is, of course important when you live in a big city to get in and out, you want to make sure you’re, close to some sort of freeway or highway. So what about new development? You might be thinking well, there was a development that started in the 2000 called watercolors.

It’s, probably the newest and probably the last development to go into lauren park. There. Isn’t a lot. However, you know, if you’re building a custom home, you may be able to find a lot or a property that needs to be torn down to be able to do that.

But really there are no new developments and what you’ll find here is for most people. They really like that. They like the fact that it isn’t growing more so in terms of land space that it is very exclusive and tight.

The community here is very involved there’s, a couple of different associations in the community that you can get involved in. If you are choosing to live here, they really do get involved in terms of the politics of how to keep the community moving forward and bringing in you know the different things that residents want to see in the community.

So it is very tight-knit and i have to say there’s, minimal economic diversity here, and what do i mean by that? Well, just in simple terms, you need a lot of money to live here. You know deep pockets and it is very, very exclusive, but this is why it is one of the top exclusive areas in mississauga and the people that move here or or choose to live here definitely know the value of the of the homes and of where they Are in terms of location that address will definitely fetch you a lot of money.

If you’re looking at a resale, what’s really nice about lorne park? Is it’s? Walkable uh, you know into the different communities like clarkson and port credit, and it is really one of those areas. And if you look at the map, you can see where lorne park is in relation to port credit, where the lake is, and it makes this area really popular amongst those who like to live near water and not necessarily right on the water.

But at least they’re very close and they have access to all of the beautiful surroundings that are uh. You know five ten minutes away, but uh. You know it again for people that love that to be uh what they’re gonna have access to it is part of their lifestyle, then this makes it a really good spot to settle in on.

So if you’re living in lorne park, you have access to some of the city’s, best schools and of course you know, i always tell people if you’re looking at schools depending on what your child’s, age is, if you’re.

Looking at elementary, you’re, looking at public or catholic private school secondary schools. The best place to look at you know, sort of the ratings of the school is the fraser report. I’ll, put a link in the description if you want to check that out, but really it has access to some of the best schools and this again for families that are moving here.

It makes it really an important decision as to the location. Like i mentioned, you know there. It is exclusive, it is expensive, but there are a lot of people that live here and they choose this area, not just for the fact that it um, you know, suffices their lifestyle, but it affords their family access to schools, access to transportation, access to a lot Of the things that perhaps you know, somebody might think that you have to travel further out for, but it’s really located right within the area of lorne park.

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So let’s, go ahead and hit that like button, and i’m gonna jump into the next area. The second most expensive area, expensive and exclusive, is called mineola. Now i love mineola for many different reasons.

I actually had a cousin who, several years ago, bought a house that they actually tore down and built their own custom home there. It was absolutely stunning and i find that people that live here, love doing that.

So they like the idea of building custom homes or they’ll, take a home that perhaps has been built, but not to their specifications and do a lot of renovations. We’re, not just talking about you know, changing the color of the walls with paint we’re talking about major overhaul bathrooms kitchens bedrooms extensions, so it is a great area.

It is an older section and there are still a lot of homes that are available in terms of if you’re, looking at doing that, creating your own custom home, tearing down a property. If that is something that’s on your list, the miniola is a really good spot to look at for doing just that.

So mineola actually is one of the ultimate neighborhoods for move-up buyers, and you know: accessibility, the qew lakeshore city center, which is square one because of the accessibility. People really do draw to this area.

Again, of course, you have to have deep pockets. It is an expensive area, but it is accessible to all the other areas as well, and what you’ll find is really streets are just lined with multi-million dollar homes.

You’ll, still find that cottage like feel here. I find that that’s, one of the charming things about mineola is that feel you get when you drive into it is oh. This feels like you’re on holidays, that’s.

What i feel anyways, but um it’s, a beautiful place with a lot of tree-lined streets again because it’s older. You will find that a lot of these trees are full-grown. It’s, not like a new subdivision where you know the trees have just been planted and they’re.

You know three feet tall. These are massive trees. So there’s, lots of green space and makes this area really attractive and lush. So, having said that, not all the homes are custom built, so you might be thinking well.

This is a little bit way out of my range. There are still pockets of smaller homes that need some work or you could you know some of them are still okay to live in and affordable. From that perspective, you know if you’re, not really going to do a tear down or you’re, not going to look at really doing major overhaul renovations.

There are still pockets in mineola that are affordable and still gets you into an area that will hold its land value and perhaps later either. If you sell it or if you decide that you want to do the renovations or build or do something different later, you still have that you know the the peace of mind, knowing that you’re buying in an area that is doing extremely well.

Holding its land value and a lot of people will buy like the try and get into this area sort of at that place where they’re, not paying mega millions but still get the address. Get that miniola address to be able to perhaps do some things later on.

You know, as as life changes and and more money or you win the lottery uh, but you know to get that manual address. A lot of people are purchasing some some of the smaller homes on those streets that are, you know again, a lot of bungalow style homes, smaller homes, but still you’ve, got large lots, which again is a real highlight for moving into this area.

So let’s. Talk about schooling! I’m, not going to get into the specifics here, but you know there are a couple of really good schools: cannoli mineola public school. If you look in the description, i’m, going to put a link for how to find a school in the area.

It is considered peeled district school board depending if you’re, a public school or catholic school, but i’ll, put the link in the description you can check out the fraser report in terms of the school rating, but mineola you know Of course, access to good schools, it’s great for commuters as well.

You know you’ve got access to lakeshore qew, and really you’re close to lauren park as well. So, as you can look on, as you can see on the map, how far it is, it’s only a couple of kilometers from lauren park, but you’re, not paying the higher like pricing in terms of lauren park.

It’s, though it’s still expensive. It’s cheaper than lauren park, but you are just only a few kilometers away from it. One of the things uh for mineola i just want to point out – is really it. Doesn’t have really access to any kind of big box stores.

You know. So if you’re looking at like costco or best buy, or you know things like that, you will travel outside of mineola. But in most cases, when you’re living in some of these smaller, let’s. Call them villages, because that’s, what they are really uh termed, as you will travel outside, but it’s.

Not that far 10 15 minutes – you know you’ll, be able to get into an area where you will have access to the big box stores and the people that live in minneola even lorn park. They actually like it that there isn’t that kind of vibe that are in these areas and that you do have to travel outside of the pocket to be able to get to that.

But you know again grocery stores and things like that. You will have to travel a little bit outside, but you still have access it’s, not undoable. It’s, just that you in some other areas in mississauga.

You know it’s really right in your backyard. Whereas here you’re gonna find that you’re gonna be traveling a little bit to get to those shopping areas. You know, but that’s just one of again one of the charms of living in in mineola or lorne park, and the highlights of having a go station so again for those commuters.

It’s great. If you’re. Looking at you know, if you’re working in toronto or you need to get onto that go train accessibility is again a really key thing of why people move to any of these areas in mineola, uh being one of them that has access to A go station that’s, really close port credit and clarkson again.

This is one of those things that people will ask me when they’re coming into the area, what about transportation? And so it’s? A really easy answer, because go trains are almost at your doorstep, so my question to you would be: do you have the budget to afford either lorne park or mineola? Because if it, if you do, then these areas are worth checking out because they are absolutely gorgeous.

So the third area is called clarkson and this area is quite a bit different than lauren park or mineola, and one of the key differences is that its abundance of parks and green space, as well as the proximity to the lake people that live in this area, Love the fact that they have access to rat ray marsh.

This is a very beautiful green space area, great for the outdoor enthusiast. If you love hiking walking, if you like bird watching nature, photography you like being in nature, then this is going to be one of those spots.

You’ll, just fall in love with the other thing about this area is its access to one of the most popular parks called called jack darling park, which has a splash pad picnic areas really nice place to take the family.

The kids will love the area and again you know it is. This is what sets clarkson apart from the other areas because of the access to green space, the other areas, as i mentioned in lorne park, you will have greenery, but it will be more in your streets, the tree-lined streets and not so much access to parks, whereas Clarkson, you have all of this plus in terms of homes.

There are some massive mega million dollar homes along the streets by rat ray marsh. Now this is particularly the area where you will find those detached homes, comparable pricing to lauren park. But if you want to get something affordable, it’s still possible in clarkson, because there are predominantly in clarkson lots of semi-detached back split homes.

A lot of the other smaller areas or streets, actually in clarkson haven’t yet been torn down with larger homes, so you still have access to getting a clarkson address, getting a property in this particular section.

Actually, what we have found is there’s, a lot of in-law suites people building out basement apartments, because the back splits tend to have a lot more square footage. They can do this and there are a lot of homes here that do have that sort of secondary rental space.

You can rest assured that you will be able to find um homes in some of the other streets. If you’re, not looking for the mega million dollar section that i talked about, which is like i mentioned rat ray marsh the streets around that area, you will find those large homes like lauren park.

So all of the areas that we’re talking about are older sections in mississauga and so for a lot of people that move here. You know they ask me: is there anything new that i can check out so in clarkson there is a new development, it’s in the van dyck building it’s called the craftsman, and if you are looking for a condo living, This is one that i would highly recommend it’s located on lakeshore at the east, end of the village.

Still great accessibility, great pricing – you know, doesn’t have to break the bank. Of course, you’re, going to get smaller living space, but if you’re looking for a condo style of living in clarkson, then the craftsman might be a really good spot.

You get the address of clarkson. You get to live near, a ghost go train station, you get accessibility to the lakeshore and all of the other beautiful things that all of these three areas offer. But in clarkson you’re, going to find sort of the only spot.

Out of these three villages of something that’s new – and i know for a lot of people – you know they want to go somewhere. Maybe where it’s turnkey they don’t want to do a lot of renovations. They don’t need a lot of space, but they still want to be in a really good neighborhood.

Then i would really recommend that you know you check out clarkson, because it might be the right spot. Now there is a large portion of clarkson, where you will find the smaller detached homes built in the 1950s to the 1970s.

They’re, smaller in size, quaint, charming little homes, and you’ll, find on these streets, where these homes are located, that they vary in styles and for the families that are, you know smaller in size.

This is a perfect spot. If you want the clarkson address and you’ll find here that you know these are modest homes. So again, pricing will be a little bit less, but you’ll, be able to get into a nice detached home.

Some of them have been updated. Some of them need updating. So again, this is something that will be based on your budget. But again you know it that’s. The one of the things about clarkson is that you have more variety and choice right, whereas in lorne park or in mineola it’s, going to be not as much where you will have the ability to choose the the streets with the type of Home and for your budget, but in all three uh areas or the three different areas that we talked about, you are going to find that you know you’re, going to have some higher price tags than something similar in a different neighborhood and it’s because of its proximity to each other, the three villages and its proximity to the lake, and also the proximity to the go stations.

Of course, you know these are all things that make a difference in what you pay for and what makes the area exclusive, and so my question to you would be: do you have the budget to afford any one of these areas, because if there is uh the Budget and you like the idea of being in an exclusive community – and you want to check these out, you want to maybe look at the three different um, these three different villages.

Maybe you want to go visit some of the homes you want to see what it feels like driving through the streets. You’ve got to give me a call, shoot me a text or send me an email. You can even send that pigeon carrier.

However, you want to get a hold of me. I’ve got your back when you’re moving into the greater toronto area, especially mississauga

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